Asseco CE

Internet Banking web app for Sberbank CZ

Our team has been developing Internet Banking solution for Sberbank CZ. I have been responsible for co-leading the team and acting as scrum-master apart of leading the front-end part of the development.

  • languages: Java, Spring Boot, HTML, Javascript, AngularJS, WSDL, less
  • technology: Tomcat, Hibernate, H2, Oracle DB, Websphere, Jetty, Soap, Rest, Redis


National Archive administration application

Updating and redesigning administration application. Upgrading from simple html+js to Angular app, adding features to Java backend.

  • languages: Java, Spring, HTML, Javascript, Typescript, Angular
  • technology: Tomcat, Hibernate


Health insurance shopping marketplace.

Developing marketplace back-end system and decision support service as part of Creatix team. Maintaining and supporting insurance marketplace.

  • languages: Grails, Groovy, SQL, RESTful Web Services, JUnit, Jasypt Encryption
  • technology: Tomcat, Hibernate, Eclipse, MySql, Couchbase


Intelligent nutrition programming tool.

Back-end development on software to calculate optimal daily nutrition intake and recommend exact menu. Using USDA DB for all nutrition information.

  • languages: Grails, Groovy, SQL, RESTful Web Services, Jasypt Encryption
  • technology: Tomcat, Hibernate, Eclipse, MySql, Amazon AWS
raiffeisen bank

Raiffeisen Bank

Full featured branch application.

Part of the team working on whole branch solution for new bank coming to Slovakia. Including opening the account, credit card, loan and everything else needed for full customer service.

  • languages: Java, Swing, Hibernate, SQL
  • technology: Websphere, Oracle DB
tatra banka

Tatra banka

Internet banking redesign in Flex.

Part of the (Unicorn Systems) team that made new Internet banking for Tatra Banka. It was partly redesign into Flex (Flash) and partly adding new features like graphs, statistics and overall improved user experience.

  • languages: ActionScript, MXML
  • technology: Flex, RobotLegs, Adobe Flash Builder